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Have you ever looked into an iPhone on display?
For years I have been visiting different Apple Stores around the world,
collecting photos and videos from the iPhones on display,
sending the material to my personal email address or Facebook account.
I found abandoned shoots in the iPhones memories.
Selfies and portraits of happy faces. Sometimes people that are not aware of the camera store. A free camera to test and users that look into it on and on closely.
People who cannot resist being part of something.
Saturday 22nd October, during The Influencers festival I and a group of volunteers went to the Apple Store of Passeig de Gràcia (Plaza de Catalunya) in Barcelona. We posted all the pictures from these iPhones in real time to this facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/698090933676193/?active_tab=about For the first time I involved other people in the action and the result is been amazing :-)
Thanks to all who posted with me!
Influ Bani
Franco Mattes
Joey Skaggs
Judy Drosd
Carlo Colosio
Rubia Rubiales
Judy Drosd
MarĂ­a ROyuela
Charms Eme
Andreu Belsunces
Eugenia Font
Fabrizio Contarino
Georgina Asuncion Guasch
Alicia Witter
Liu Qarr
Antonio Caparrelli

Me by Joey Skaggs

Me in action by Joey Skaggs <3